%%%here was nothing to be gained from hesitation
et in her possession it

would become something of consequence: though it was nothing
more than a simp~le tho`~~``f`~~~rticular flower, or more
~~hen she had it just so the room flickered and tore, bending
into somewhere else: ~~~ffs`~~~~f~~~[system error #25 at
_Jackson]~~~~%*|\]~``se which she caused to be consumed by an
ashless fire.

doors opened before her without cause, their locks rusted and

~~efore her slender hands began to dance in front of her
horrified face. r~~fefore turning into a fine powder which
settled in a pile on ~~~~4*)
where she had been standing.<'scod BFB1 0002'+1Ad2>
14 seven hundred miles away, eyes on fire, tearing at her
hair. Turning in fury she kicked viciouslyf
aAnger made her careless and she mis~#&fx~~~gBd{}{@fx($~~~~