Tycho's... just a memory now...

"lay down your weapons..."

"for you the war is over!"

...the war is over?

How many times had I heard that before.

Memories... lost and found...

"Friedrich was my second in command. He was the only one who stood by me and at the end. All the others tried to run... for you the war is over."

...the war is over?

"Muller, that bastard, never told us what our mission here was! just that we would be in the jungle for a few months... All my friends are dead now. Seven above, the rest below. Muller killed them all..."


"Nobody liked Muller. I was no exception. He didn't even tell us why we were here. I hardly even know where I am."


"Muller hardly even warned us before he opened the doors. I think he knew what was going to happen, which makes him even more stupid."


"Muller thought he knew everything about this damned place, but I guess he was wrong."


"I hate Muller."


"My name is Friedrich. Muller, our commander..."


"My name is Leela I'll be your..."

...worst nightmare I ever had was the day after.

"Tell us again... from the beginning..."

I had told them a dozen times and would forever more.

"What happened to the rest of..."