is that... you?

"This is Ed, who do I look like? Sorry, I guess it might be sort of hard to tell... I'm glad you made it. I wish I could help you. You remember the mission, don't you? Don't mess with me, man ..."

Yes... yes... the mission...

<Fort Bragg, North Carolina>
1900 Saturday May 7, 1994


"At ease men. This is the final briefing. Your team will be dropped from a C-151 transport over the Yucatan. ETA 0200 hours tomorrow. The DZ is classified. In addition to the standard equipment, you'll be carrying a small, low-yield nuclear..."

Yes now I remember. Steven had the code...

Steven?... Ste...!

"Recognize me?... It's a good thing you made it, you're probably the last hope now. Find Greg and the bomb and bring this whole place down."

" Upon returning to the surface,
triggering any one of the radio
beacons will signal the extraction
team to pick you up. Ten minutes
are required from the time the
extraction team signal is given
to the time the helicopters arrive
at the pyramid. Allow an additional
ten minutes for the helicopters to
reach minimum safe distance from
the explosion..."


"This is Greg, dude. I guess maybe it's hard to recognize me in this state, that's ok. I don't have a beacon. I got cut off from the rest of the group... they had all three. I hope you found one, you'll need it."

I can't find...

am i


or am i

dreaming i

cant be



but its

faded and

clear like

the day we


the priests

of ra from

their temple

asking no

quarter or

favors or

fears of the


of the

gods but

maybe we

were wrong

and only i

was left to

dream or


the tale

"We're nearly there, Leela is expecting us."

Leela, the curse of the Vylae FTL network.
Oh! how Durandal had laughed when he heard that she had gone rampant.

But this wasn't going to be a pleasant reunion. As Durandal had put it:
"We can't have too many meta-stable personality constructs in the universe. Remember Tycho!"