I should stop talking out loud, everyone on
the train is looking at me now. I must have
gone farther than I wanted because everyone
here is different than me. Why should they
care that I'm talking, some of them are
talking and about fairly irrelevant things.
'The ends justify the means.' 'Where there is
no justification, there is no end. There is
only means.' I thought that they were looking
mean, but they were only talking.

The noise in the train crescendoes as the
train comes into a station, this station is
lined with black suited men, and behind them
I can see the pantomime of good and evil
continue with the sanitation workers trying
to mop the black suits off the sunglassed and
toupeed men who are not resisting at all.

Indeed, they have nothing to worry about.
They can just cling to the constellations of
gum, there is nothing the sanitation workers
can do about that.

Its all just human nature, we don't fit onto
the curve, either. Simply, there is no
curve, our science is approximation, good

The suits are going to get me this time, but
I'm lucky. I have my keys in my pocket now,
and I'm opening the other subway door...