I'm in the same street, and as I reach into
my pocket for my keys, my eyes follow the
blackened streaks of gum that pock-mark the
sidewalk. The man is gone, and someone in
sanitation cleaned up the aparitions and
vomit in a real hurry. I hurry down the
stairs heading for the subway, but my keys
aren't in my pocket anymore. I'll have to
get in through the side window.

The subway station is very bright and shining
from the sanitation team that has been
sweeping a swath in front of me. The
concrete floor is losing years of tarnish,
keeping only the protective layer of the gum
streaks which make up constellations in an
otherwise vacant sky.
The train arrives right on time, and just
ahead of a mass of dark suited men who have
been following me for what seems like years
now. Between the sanitation and the suits, I
must be going colorblind, but the train is
here now, and those men, no, they won't catch